The Eternal Outsider

By Trevor David Houchen (Author), Laura Dragonette (Editor)

The Eternal Outsider is the exotic and erotic true story of one man’s whimsical journey to the fourth largest city in Japan.

When Trevor’s efforts to bring emotion to an emotionless society get lost in translation, he's given fifteen minutes of fame as a consolation prize. However, this fame comes with a price. Sold out concerts, magazine spreads, full billboard ads and notoriety morph into street fights, near death experiences, drug use, and homelessness. Along the way, Trevor seduces a host of beautiful women, including a lovesick erotic model who suffers from temporary memory lapse and delusions of grandeur, a sultry Japanese Jazz singer whom he meets at the train station, and a string of others. Meanwhile Trevor's weeping young Japanese wife cares for their two children alone in their tiny Japanese apartment. She tries to "save face" by looking away from the truth in order to save their marriage, but in a land where honor is everything and foreigners, "gaijin", are ultimately nothing, the marriage is doomed to fail.

Or is it?

One of the most original love stories ever told…melodic, philosophical, sensual, revealing, wild, witty, political, sometimes shocking and always vividly unforgettable, The Eternal Outsider-10 Years Black In Japan, is a riveting journey to the Far East.

The Ultimate Guide to Joining a Gym: A Quick and Easy Step-by-step Roadmap to Success

By Jon Douglas Gallo, C P T

The Ultimate Guide to Joining the Gym, revolutionizes the approach for finding and joining a gym. Celebrity trainer, gym owner, and co-founder of, it was only a matter of time before Gallo added author to his list of accomplishments. Setting himself apart from traditional fitness books, Gallo creates a complete step-by-step guide in which he shares the essential stages of connecting people with fitness. "Many people are uneasy about starting a fitness program or joining a gym because it is intimidating and they have a fear of the unknown. I want my audience to know this book is about educating and informing people. I want it to help them get comfortable with getting started, by knowing what to expect from themselves and from the gym experience," said Gallo. Starting with a successful mindset, to knowing what to expect when visiting the different types of gyms, to doing a 30-day trial, there is not a stage missed, nor a question gone unanswered in the book. "I vowed to one day give back on a high level, to ease the minds of all my fans, friends, and family. To let them know the truth of what lies behind closed doors and to share the secrets of the billion-dollar industry they know as the gym business," said Gallo. By the end of the book people will know personalized fitness goals and what makes them important to the individual, the type of gym best suited for them, questions to be asked when visiting gyms, and the right formula for success in reaching those goals. Not to mention valuable time and money saved, said Gallo. Former client Dr. Patrick Borgen says, "This book revolutionizes the way people approach the gym altogether!" - Patrick I. Borgen, MD, Chairman, Surgery Gallo's guide shares the necessary tools needed to learn how to easily make the move to find the right gym, at the right price, in the right location and fulfill all of your fitness needs.

Victorianne Phoenix Is a Real Princess

By Kinya Shakur Travis

Victorianne Phoenix loves Princess Kristy! She has the entire collection of toys, books and movies. One day while playing dress-up, Mommy attempts to recreate the Princess' look on Victorianne, but the results are not as she expected. "Does this mean, I'll never be a real princess?" Well, her Mom knows about true royalty from faraway lands and ancient kingdoms!


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